We produce unscripted video content. Unscripted content is an umbrella term for all programming that does not require a formatted script. The term ‘unscripted’ was coined years ago when the launch of reality-based dramatic content became relevant in programming. 

The supadopefresh(tm) Podcast show is a12 episode weekly podcast with Deblak (Digital Media Specialist, Entrepreneur, Artist, Producer, Emcee) and his brother, Bolo Fresche (Community Activist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Artist, Bboy) targeting their combined social media presence of over 50,000 followers. The podcast focuses on 4 elements of hip hop to include Breakin, DJing, Emceeing and Graffiti Writers / Artist.

The Rooted in Love Show focuses on “Life spoken from the roots of those who adapt to reach the sunlight…” Guest of the show share their life stories from childhood to adulthood. The show has a podcast version as well as a weekly video version.