Mario D'Andre Robinson I Am Freedom #iamfreedom

#iAmFreedom is a song written to give hope & inspire others to rise above all situations. Sometimes before you rebuild you have to destroy. Truth for Freedom is a family collective out of Dallas, GA affiliated with 8 Robinsons and SupaDopeFresh Clothing Co. Continue Reading

Deblak I Cant Breathe

Self Expression is the most purest form of Freedom we have. Silence is the opposite of freedom. Its an internal prison that criples the mind. No matter how hard it is to see and listen to all thats happening, I observe with no filter. Im fully aware of everything thats around me. I choose to speak through art and music.Continue Reading

Bboy Kydsonx on the supadopefresh Podcast

Kydsonx is known as a Power B-Boy. He is an Interactive Entertainer performing with the Mixed Motionz Crew who is a team of bboys/dancers that perform with high intense routines. Their goal is to inspire the youth and present true art. Kydsonx can be seen around the world at hip hop and EDM festivals. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic he performed with the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Braves as part of the ATL Breakers.Continue Reading

bboy orko romero on the supadopefresh podcast

His real name is Roger Romero. Raised in Los Angels, he has been popping and breaking since the age of 12. He has performed with the dance group Air Force Crew in Japan, California, Las Vegas, and New York City. His television and film credits include “Soul Train” Fox-TV’s hip hop documentary special, music videos for ElMaestro, an Adidas commercial, and the feature films “Thrashing” and “Electric Boogaloo”.Continue Reading