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The Power of To-Do-Lists

to do lists

I continue to learn the value of creating lists. Whether done before bed or first thing each morning, they can drastically increase ones productivity. Whether you are a housewife or a C-level executive, your day is filled with both simple and complex tasks. I tried using mobile apps which failed quickly. The digital footprint was never as strong as the hand written note to self. There is something powerful and strong about a hand written memo. Something majestic about an itemized list to self. Each time I strike through a line item, i smile and feel a sense of accomplishment. I don’t care whether you are 8 or 82yrs old, it feels wonderful to finish something you set out to do. It feels empowering to strike through an entire list by the end of a day. For those moments that I can not complete the entire list, those items roll over into the next day. Those days that I forget find me aimlessly floating from meeting to meeting just trying to get through the day. In my world success has to be strategic. Every move is calculated as if there is no such thing as blind luck. Every lesson is learned and documented. Every list is analyzed for efficiency. Im not as disciplined as I would like to be, so there are days and weeks and months where I fail. Then I wake up and remember how much more productive I can be if I would only take a moment to plot my day out before starting.. #8robinsons #rootedinlove