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Yearly Health Screenings

8 robinsons Rooted in love

So I did not eat after 7pm last night. I made it all the way until 8:30am the next day and thought… “a piece of gum cant hurt”…. only to find out that I would have to start the process over again and try tomorrow morning. 🙁 It seems that anything with sugar in can alter testing results, which I should have known. Hey don’t judge me! I haven’t eaten since yesterday. Not to mention I just walked from the 2nd floor up to the 14th because elevators are too packed this time of the morning. So Im back at my desk breathing hard with my heart beating super fast, disappointed at myself for wanting to have minty breath during my screening. lol! The nurse was so sweet though like, “Baby you cant do this today, you got gum in your mouth. Is that sugar free? No? Well you gone have to come back tomorrow baby…”. In some ways I felt like my mom had just fussed at me and I may have imagined a tear to showing up in that moment. I had done wrong. I broke a rule and those that know me, know that I really don’t like breaking them. So i will now have to fast 2 days in a row. I really do appreciate employers that have this available. When I was married my wife would literally have to make appointments for me and afterwards, there was a period where I avoided doctors all together. When employers invest in your health, they motivate employees to get fit and stay fit. On campus work out facilities and discounted gym memberships are a huge benefit. Ive always been taught that “my health = my wealth”. The moment my health fails, it limits my ability to earn for my family and ultimately for my legacy. I would love to retire and have the type of health that allows me to travel and have an adventures life after 65! So here is to second chances and another 12 hour fast… #8robinsons #rootedinlove