8 Robinsons 8 is Not Enough



8 Robinsons, LLC was started in the late 90’s under the name of Soul Cre8tors but later changed to 8 Robinsons in 2007.  The name 8 Robinsons comes from the eight children that were birthed and raised by Margie and Emmitt Robinson, Jr.. Through many hardships and blessings likewise they birthed a strong union of six boys and two girls which to this day remain close siblings. Therefore the number eight simply symbolizes the strength in unity. The name represents a sincere passion for uniting and helping others to maximize their potential.


8 Robinsons, LLC has a five member board served by Joseph Robinson Sr., Mario D’Andre Robinson, Demetria Porter, Jerald Robinson, Lonnie Jackson and Anthony Robinson. Mario D’Andre Robinson is active CEO / Consultant for the firm. Jerald Robinson serves as Lead Artist / Consultant and oversees all commercial art projects. Demetria Porter serves as marketing consultant while Joseph Robinson, Sr. services as business advisor. Lonnie Jackson, MBA is our trusted business analyst.  Lastly, Anthony Robinson is our community relations  consultant and makes sure we adhere to current policies and best practices as adopted by our various industries.

Build a solid family-based structure that empowers each generation, molding them into creative entrepreneurs.