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What Must Be Done

8 Robinsons

There is nothing that hinders you from doing what must be done. When you think about it, this is a most powerful statement. Think about even the smallest task and how you do it effortlessly each time you approach it. Take eating for example. When the hunger pains come, we stop at nothing to find almost anything to make it go away. Eating is something that simply must be done. What if we had to power to make every task a “must be done”. Nothing would stop us from being great. I think the most successful people are those that allow nothing to hinder themselves. All of the goals they set before themselves where things they categorized as things that “must be done”. They stop at nothing to accomplish what’s set before them. I’ve spent a weekend thinking about this. I’ve ran it over in my mind 100’s of times. How do I convince myself that every single task before me is something that I must do? I imagine it will start with eliminating those task that are not important. It will take me saying no to distractions as well as turning down projects that don’t align with my overall goals. This is a strategy I can get behind. There is nothing that hinders me from what must be done.

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Lifelong Students

8 robinsons mentorships learning continued education

I’ve read from ancient scholars that one should not rely on public education solely, but rather have good teachers at home and in life. On these things one should spend liberally. I must say that I agree wholeheartedly and this passage is further proof that at the root of all things, there is nothing new under the sun. I’ve consistently surrounded myself with those that were smarter than me. I purposely stayed in school until I had reached an MBA level, accepting the risk of high student loans and potentially not working in my field of study. However I strategically aligned my field of study with my existing work and I stuck with it through organizational changes and good leadership and bad leadership and countless mistakes as well as triumphs. I was and remain appreciative of all the lessons I’ve learned. I grew up in what could only be described as a modern day village. Where uncles and aunts and parents and cousins and siblings all taught us real life. Things no school could teach. How to not fear the night. We had chores that involved walking for long distances with only moonlight to guide. We learned how to hunt and skin our kill and prep the meats. My father’s uncle taught us martial arts and self control all at the same time… we now call him uncle too. But I did not really learn how to defend myself until I was picked on and bullied by others. As I grew older, there were key people in my life that taught me things. Everyone making contributions based on their unique skill sets. This continues to this day. I surround myself with greatness and absorb everything I can. Then without warnings, life separates you and gives you new individuals to tap into. I would fight the change in my younger days, but now I’m better at rolling with the punches. I love that my education continues to span outside of the classroom. I constantly tell those around me to treat my sons the same. I let Jett sit through my father’s many sermons that occur in the living room, driveway and the church (lol!). For in those sermons are years of wisdom that I do not have. Jett will have to learn to take what he needs from those moments in time. I teach him to read to absorb to learn and to study what he is interested in. We have visited museums and art galleries and zoos even once making a trip to Alcatraz. I pray that his learning continues for as long as mine. Im confident that learning attracts greatness. I pray that finance is not a hindrance to his learning as it was to mine. Also that he discovers the endless amount of free learning available via technology and strategically placed mentors. …one should not rely on public education solely, but rather have good teachers at home and in life… 

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Not for Everybody


When on large scale projects, it can be challenging to keep everyone that wants to be involved engaged and actively participating. I have found that some just want to sit in and be aware… at least thats what they think at 1st. I watch as they work on other things during the meeting, adding no true value as time goes along. Some become distractions while others simply take up space making it hard to find meeting rooms. As a practice, Im working on only scheduling those key team members who have an active role in the project. Everyone else can get an email featuring a weekly recap or attend a periodic roundtable discussion or information sharing session. Couples experience this on a personal level as well. Starting out, we want to be involved in everything. Then over time we sit while our mates do what they do and we watch the time like eagles scouting prey. Waiting and praying that we can leave. We scroll through social media post on our phone, quickly making Pinterest stats grow by the second. Sometimes we get snappy with our replies out of pure frustration of feeling left alone while our people network, host and do their jobs. I begin to only invite friends when I knew I wasn’t going to be working events. It became too stressful over time. I can’t count the number of times Ive been asked to leave early because the person I attended with was tired or simply ready to go. I mean I sat the bench for years on the football team because I couldn’t contribute on the field during games. When I got tired of being the hitting dummy during practice, I quit and became better at art and eventually got a full scholarship to college… So every meeting, every event, every situation is not for everybody. It can be difficult but really get to know your audiences and mates so that you can adequately determine if an event is a good fit for them. Be honest and truthful yet patient and kind in your response. #8robinsons #rootedinlove

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Start with the Pros

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I used to go into both professional and personal relationships looking for the bad. I felt that if I can handle a person’s worst then the good would be a breeze. But this often compelled me to only focus on the bad. As with most things you will always find exactly what you are looking for. So now Im practicing focusing on what is good. I still take note of those things that could be considered red flags, but by focusing on the good, Im able to keep the relationship growing in a positive direction. This helps tremendously in corporate environments where politics play into nearly every decision. Even when it is determined that there is no value in a potential business partnership or relationship, I can say without a doubt that I’ve enjoyed the journey however, we’ve chosen to go in a different direction. So when making my lists, I start with the Pros. I document the cons along the way. It seems that when we go into situations looking for everything thats wrong, we self sabotage our projects and relationships. Ill try approaching networking and relationship building from an optimistic perspective. I’m going to start exploring the good and will pull away if and only if not enough good can be found to justify moving forward. #8robinsons #rootedinlove

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Alabama over Georgia

uga vs alabama

The recent matchup between UGA & Alabama was the most emotional college game I have ever experienced. I am by no means a die hard fan of any particular sport, but am surrounded by sport fanatics who absolutely love one or the other. Insert me in the middle and that makes for a lot of instigating, meme creating, and social media sharing. I had no idea it would turn so ugly so quickly. I fell asleep and woke up to local news stations showing UGA fans crying as they exited the arena. I wore a burgundy shirt to work the day after, not realizing that was Alabama’s color but was quickly reminded by coworkers. I got to see several moments of bad sportsmanship that was written off as being passionate about winning. Im just waiting on my son to yell and jump at me and say he is just passionate about his grades or his games, when I am correcting him. I wanted to feel the emotional connection to the game or any game. I was more sad to see the little kids down in spirit when their teams lost. They were reflecting passions of their parents. I loved seeing the true fans speak well of their players for their efforts. I only remembered falling asleep with one team winning and then waking up with the opposite being true. My father got the last laugh as we flooded social media with memes of him supporting UGA which was furthest from the truth. I smile while I type this, because the day was fun and the family laughed together for what seemed like 24hrs straight. So even in times of stress we find ways to laugh. #8robinsons #rootedinlove