Upyri 2017 Collection

Upyri Anyone can be redeemed.

What is Upyri

Upyri is a character based entertainment company, focused on character creation and story development through literary works such as graphic novels, comic books, novels and much more.

Upyri Mission

The Mission of Upyri is to connect and reconnect beings with God through the development of diverse stories and uniquely created characters. These characters have depth, free will and various relatable experiences. They help to rehabilitate, educate and inspire all beings, while also seeking redemption for themselves.


The Upyri universe is an exploration of creation using historical, spiritual, metaphysical, magical and scientific references. The universe begins when a trinity of extra-dimensional beings combines their powers to create something greater than themselves. This journey explores the role of purpose, expectation and free will through blood and family. The first stories presented from The Universe center around humans, vampires and other creatures of lore as they work toward finding redemption for themselves and those they love. We hope to spark dialogue that explores more of what makes everyone similar.