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Need to get Away: Note 2018001

Mario Robinson 8 Robinsons Untamed Creative Beings

I have to start writing again
It provided an outlet for me to push thoughts
to empty my queue each day
my mind continues to overthink & overplan
to the point where its hard for me to accomplish anything
unless Im told “specifically” what needs to be done
This is not the way of the entrepreneur
I love having the freedom to think and move as I please

I can create businesses and product as easily as I can recite the lyrics to all CeeLo Green Goodie Mob verses from the Soul Food Album

But I cant move like I want
When my mind is so clouded
There is too much noise around me
Overwhelmed by the loss, poverty & suffering of those around me
I carry those weights even when I know I wasnt asked to
I feel that I was put here to help
I feel like my core strength is helping others live their best lives
But in the process I lose little pieces of me
I need to recharge
I need to get away
I love visiting cities even if its as local as going to Atlanta
I’ve been to only a few including Chicago, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Greensboro, New Orleans, Miami, Naples, Las Vegas, etc.
Each time I choose to walk for as long and as far as I can
Soaking up the architecture
Visiting the museums
capturing local art and graffiti
Eating at local cafes
And I think its time I travel again
Even if its simply 2-3day trips
Like the time I flew to Boca Raton, FL in the morning
and was home by 10pm
It almost feels like Im searching for something or someone even
And I wont know what or who it is until Im standing right in front…

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