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Not for Everybody


When on large scale projects, it can be challenging to keep everyone that wants to be involved engaged and actively participating. I have found that some just want to sit in and be aware… at least thats what they think at 1st. I watch as they work on other things during the meeting, adding no true value as time goes along. Some become distractions while others simply take up space making it hard to find meeting rooms. As a practice, Im working on only scheduling those key team members who have an active role in the project. Everyone else can get an email featuring a weekly recap or attend a periodic roundtable discussion or information sharing session. Couples experience this on a personal level as well. Starting out, we want to be involved in everything. Then over time we sit while our mates do what they do and we watch the time like eagles scouting prey. Waiting and praying that we can leave. We scroll through social media post on our phone, quickly making Pinterest stats grow by the second. Sometimes we get snappy with our replies out of pure frustration of feeling left alone while our people network, host and do their jobs. I begin to only invite friends when I knew I wasn’t going to be working events. It became too stressful over time. I can’t count the number of times Ive been asked to leave early because the person I attended with was tired or simply ready to go. I mean I sat the bench for years on the football team because I couldn’t contribute on the field during games. When I got tired of being the hitting dummy during practice, I quit and became better at art and eventually got a full scholarship to college… So every meeting, every event, every situation is not for everybody. It can be difficult but really get to know your audiences and mates so that you can adequately determine if an event is a good fit for them. Be honest and truthful yet patient and kind in your response. #8robinsons #rootedinlove

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Love Yourself

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For Valentines Day this year I want to see more people love themselves. I would love it if couples would allow each other to do something for themselves as well as for each other. Like really put some thought into what you want and get yourself something. Buy yourself the most thoughtful card you can find and sign it to yourself. lol! I come across so many broken people on a daily basis (including myself) where they just need to take a moment and appreciate themselves. Celebrate another year of life, whether its your birthday or not. Look in a mirror and say thank you for keeping it together. Thank you for being strong enough to go through the fire and come out shining! Smile at yourself and appreciate your ability to love others as you love yourself. Give yourself Kudos for the projects you keep afloat at your jobs each week. Take yourself out to a nice lunch and order a specialized drink. Take a moment this year and praise yourself. Boost your ego, grow your confidence and feel amazed for simply being alive! Buy you a pair of boots and look around as you stand taller than if in flat bottom shoes. Look around and stare at the trees and the sky and the architecture around you. Get a real feel of the miracle of “Life”. This is how your year should start! Im going to check back in around Valentines Day and see if any of you accomplished this! #8robinsons #rootedinlove

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Planting Confidence

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Confidence often separates success from failure. It feels like it starts when a person wakes up in the morning and follows them throughout the day and the weeks and the months and the years. As long as it stays on and intact, a person can accomplish nearly everything they imagine within reason of course. Ive hired many people over the years and there is a clear difference between those that are confident and those that second guess every thought and every decision. They dont always stand out from day one, but they do not fail assignments easily. I learned from them. Everything about them was sure. Even when they were wrong they shared valid arguments. I watched these individuals move up promotion after promotion. The confidence was often linked to upbringing. In my case my parents always told me I could do anything I wanted. I told my mom I wanted to be a rapper as a youth and she just smiled and said, “baby just be the best rapper you can be!” And before long I had music out, had performed on stages, even learned to produce music and mix/master music as well. They complimented my art daily. So that my drawings got better each year. I got a full scholarship to attend college because of it thus launching my career as a creative. So as I look back to the root of confidence, I link confidence to key people in out lives that support our actions whether positive or negative. If we are made to feel invincible in any industry we will overcome many obstacles and find a measure of success. If you are a leader, find someone with low confidence and give them this gift. Spend time to find out what they are good at. Help them identify, learn and train on a gift. Tell them they can be and do anything! Tell them this over and over again and give them time. Plant a seed and watch it grow….  #8robinsons #rootedinlove

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3 Years of Change


Three years ago I was going through a very difficult time. I was finishing a leadership program at work that only 13 people got accepted into. Towards the end of the program I got accepted into as a MBA student at Keller Graduate School of Management. At the same time my wife informed me that I had not loved her the way she needed and that she couldn’t love me anymore. I was described as boring, unemotional and a workaholic. Whether I agreed or not, it was hard to hear, but I took it. We divorced shortly after with joint custody of our son with me as the primary guardian. I found an empty apple juice bottle during this time and I would put change in it every time I felt anything negative. It was my way of getting rid of any resentment or ill feelings. Taking care never to turn anger towards anyone, it became a habit to put anything from my pockets into the jar at the end of the day. Like some ritual to remove my past and start anew the next day. A year later, I was still active at it. I would even fold $1 bills and $5 bills up occasionally and put in the jar. In some ways it felt like I was punishing myself for  all the decisions I had made to this point. Some days i was so broke that I thought of asking family to borrow money, then I would look at all that money in the Jar and frown at the thought of touching it. The jar was not full and I would not let it defeat me. Only when it was filled, I told myself, I would spend it. So I kept it it. 1 year, 2 year then 3 years… It is now the end of the 3rd year and the Jar is full. I have no hate in my heart for my ex. I love her as I love our sons. I wish her only the best as her life moves on in another state. Today I am releasing my the coins in my jar. Today I am letting go of the past completely. I’ve saved over $350 in change in 3 years. I imagine I will start again, but with some new motivation. This money will go towards reinvesting in the family business. I’ve had a tremendous amount of success when I’ve invested in myself. Im hopeful for the years to come. I can see a path before me and Im moving one foot in front of the other… #8robinsons #rootedinlove

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Flu Season

Im saddened when I sit at my desk at work and can hear an echo of coughs and sneezes. So many no doubt impacted by the weather changes and various illnesses. Im saddened at the thought of all these adults that work through sickness for fear of loss. Loss of job, upcoming promotion, control or whatever the fear is. But what compels us to work when we are sick. Realistically, the show must go on so in ways companies silently accept that they will take their best and brightest in sickness or in health. It reminds me of the time Michael Jordan played a championship game with the Flu. Millions of people cheered him on and he felt compelled to perform when he probably should have been home in bed. We all do this yearly. Even while I type this I’ve been fighting off a cold with a steady barrage of cough drops to mask how I truly feel. I have important projects and new hires and meetings that must happen in order to meet key deadlines… at least… thats how I feel. Nobody wants to miss their chance at shooting that championship game winning shot. So those of us that have the will, show up. We spend our days seeking that moment when we can put our stamp on a thing. We dream of being the heroes of tomorrow that saves a thing. And today I question if we are only hurting ourselves and our places of employment more. “Live to fight another day” should be the outlook. Instead we sacrifice ourselves and make work mortars of ourselves to no good end. Can companies be more flexible with sick days or even work from home days? I do not have the answers. I only recognize the issues. In the meantime, I’ll continue to push through. #8robinsons #rootedinlove