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Alabama over Georgia

uga vs alabama

The recent matchup between UGA & Alabama was the most emotional college game I have ever experienced. I am by no means a die hard fan of any particular sport, but am surrounded by sport fanatics who absolutely love one or the other. Insert me in the middle and that makes for a lot of instigating, meme creating, and social media sharing. I had no idea it would turn so ugly so quickly. I fell asleep and woke up to local news stations showing UGA fans crying as they exited the arena. I wore a burgundy shirt to work the day after, not realizing that was Alabama’s color but was quickly reminded by coworkers. I got to see several moments of bad sportsmanship that was written off as being passionate about winning. Im just waiting on my son to yell and jump at me and say he is just passionate about his grades or his games, when I am correcting him. I wanted to feel the emotional connection to the game or any game. I was more sad to see the little kids down in spirit when their teams lost. They were reflecting passions of their parents. I loved seeing the true fans speak well of their players for their efforts. I only remembered falling asleep with one team winning and then waking up with the opposite being true. My father got the last laugh as we flooded social media with memes of him supporting UGA which was furthest from the truth. I smile while I type this, because the day was fun and the family laughed together for what seemed like 24hrs straight. So even in times of stress we find ways to laugh. #8robinsons #rootedinlove