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Start with the Pros

good-vs-bad 8 robinsons rooted in love

I used to go into both professional and personal relationships looking for the bad. I felt that if I can handle a person’s worst then the good would be a breeze. But this often compelled me to only focus on the bad. As with most things you will always find exactly what you are looking for. So now Im practicing focusing on what is good. I still take note of those things that could be considered red flags, but by focusing on the good, Im able to keep the relationship growing in a positive direction. This helps tremendously in corporate environments where politics play into nearly every decision. Even when it is determined that there is no value in a potential business partnership or relationship, I can say without a doubt that I’ve enjoyed the journey however, we’ve chosen to go in a different direction. So when making my lists, I start with the Pros. I document the cons along the way. It seems that when we go into situations looking for everything thats wrong, we self sabotage our projects and relationships. Ill try approaching networking and relationship building from an optimistic perspective. I’m going to start exploring the good and will pull away if and only if not enough good can be found to justify moving forward. #8robinsons #rootedinlove