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What Must Be Done

8 Robinsons

There is nothing that hinders you from doing what must be done. When you think about it, this is a most powerful statement. Think about even the smallest task and how you do it effortlessly each time you approach it. Take eating for example. When the hunger pains come, we stop at nothing to find almost anything to make it go away. Eating is something that simply must be done. What if we had to power to make every task a “must be done”. Nothing would stop us from being great. I think the most successful people are those that allow nothing to hinder themselves. All of the goals they set before themselves where things they categorized as things that “must be done”. They stop at nothing to accomplish what’s set before them. I’ve spent a weekend thinking about this. I’ve ran it over in my mind 100’s of times. How do I convince myself that every single task before me is something that I must do? I imagine it will start with eliminating those task that are not important. It will take me saying no to distractions as well as turning down projects that don’t align with my overall goals. This is a strategy I can get behind. There is nothing that hinders me from what must be done.