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  • Mario D'Andre Robinson I Am Freedom #iamfreedom

    #iAmFreedom MUSIC VIDEO

    #iAmFreedom is a song written to give hope & inspire others to rise above all situations. Before a thing can be rebuilt, it often has to be destroyed. Truth for Freedom is a family collective out of Dallas, GA affiliated with 8 Robinsons.

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  • Mr T.Y. and DeBlak

    Truth For Freedom produced by Mr. T.Y.

    There is a new Truth for Freedom project underway produced entirely by up and coming producer Mr. T.Y.! The album will consist of 10-13 tracks that tell raw and uncut stories from group members DeBlak, Bolo Fresched, Rizo Da Rocker and Noel'le

  • Deblak I Cant Breathe

    Self Expression is the Purest Form of Freedom

    Silence is the opposite of freedom. Its an internal prison that criples the mind. No matter how hard it is to see and listen to all thats happening, I observe with no filter. Im fully aware of everything thats around me. I choose to speak through art and music.

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The Rooted in Love Show

The Rooted in LOve Show ThemRobinsonBoys

026 I Am My Brothers Keeper Them Robinson Boys The Rooted in Love Show

This week on The Rooted in Love Show #themrobinsonboys​ talk about having to take up for each other in school to make sure no one got bullied. We talk about growing up learning to love each other and never be jealous of the next brother. We have been this way so long, it’s like a second nature to look out for each other. Join us this week for another exciting episode with the Robinson brothers.

The supadopefresh Podcast

bboy soul on the supadopefresh Podcast

012 Bboy Soul (HBO Crew / TBB)

Bboy, Actor, Musician and Entrepreneur Joel “Bboy Soul” Kigwila who currently resides in Atlanta with his family from Tanzania. His clothing business, Soulven is a brand for people who want to be leaders and stand out from the masses. Therefore the companies ambition must go the extra mile for loyal customers and supporters. All the materials are currently hand picked, designed, and hand sewn 10,000 miles away in Tanzania.

Who We Are

Mario Robinson

Meet the guy behind this site

Hi! I am Mario Robinson!

Mario Robinson, MBA is an artist with a background in both IT (Information Systems Management) and creative teams management. Mario currently co-host the supadopefresh Podcast and the Rooted in Love Show with his brothers.

Show Hosts

  • Angelo Robinson

    Angelo Robinson

    Co-Host of The Rooted in Love Show

  • Anthony Robinson

    Anthony "Rizo" Robinson

    Co-Host The Rooted in Love Show

  • Emmitt Robinson III

    Emmitt Robinson, III

    Co-Host The Rooted in Love Show

  • Jerald Robinson

    Jerald "Bolo Fresche" Robinson

    Co-host of The supadopefresh Podcast and The Rooted in Love Show

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